Men in Stripes: Episode 8: Bengals Adding Free Agents Late

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The Cincinnati Bengals have added a few late people to the party. It was a welcome addition by most Bengals fans to see Brandon LaFell and Karlos Dansby join the team by way of free agency. Matt and Tim both agreed that the moves made a positive impact on this team. Also, with these new additions, how do the Bengals compare to the AFC North?

The boys also explore what this does to the Bengals draft strategy. Does it lessen the need for a wide receiver in the first round of the draft? Does the focus turn to taking the best player on the board? Finally, who are the players that make up the Men in Stripes top 5 power rankings for possible wide receivers choices in this year’s draft?

We take a look at scenarios with Adolphus Washington versus Austin Johnson versus Sheldon Day, who should they pick if they are their in the second round? How about cornerback, should the Bengals put more focus into the secondary?

The boys finish up with this weeks edition of picking up or putting down.

  • Brandon LaFell will have five touchdowns?
  • Karlos Dansby stat line, 80 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 interceptions?
  • Mohamed Sanu has a better season in Atlanta than Marvin Jones in Detroit.
  • and just for fun: Mohamed Sanu has more touchdown passes than RGIII?
  • Who wins at WrestleMania Triple H or Roman Reigns?

Keep an eye out next week for another edition of Men in Stripes as we get close to the draft and talk about Bengals news and go around the league.