Men in Stripes: Episode 10: NFL Draft Trading Up

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Men in Stripes is a weekly podcast dedicated to Bengals, NFL, and AFC North news and opinions.

The Cincinnati Bengals schedule came out on Thursday. Matt and Tim break down the schedule and why where they think the Bengals could finish this season. Also, they give their thoughts on Steelers/Bengals match up, both with and without Vontaze Burfict.

The Rams gave up a ton to move into the number one draft spot this years NFL Draft. The guys breakdown, who they think won that deal. Will they draft Goff or Wentz? What will the Browns move be? With the Titans being out of the number one spot, who might they target? What will the top five picks be?

Hue Jackson and the Bengals organization might have had a little turmoil, which could have led to him leaving for Cleveland. Do you think the Bengals made the right move by letting him go to Cleveland or should they have done more to keep him? Did he have a power hungry history like some in Oakland claim?

Finally, the guy pick it up or put it down with some fun topics.

With the fourth pick in the 2016 draft, the Dallas Cowboys will select Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State?

Ezekiel Elliot will go to the Philadelphia Eagles with the eighth pick?

The story of Hue Jackson leaving due to the Bengals not writing him in as the head coach for 2017?

Was Kobe Bryant’s 60 points a bigger deal than the Golden State Warrior’s 73rd win?

Check out our special Wednesday edition, when it hits of course of Men in Stripes with Matt, Tim, and hopefully Dylan and Sean will be joining us for our special mock draft.