Men in Stripes: Bengals Draft and Around the AFC North

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Tim and Matt are back after a week hiatus. We are two weeks removed from the NFL Draft, but Tim reflects back on his trip to Chicago. The Bengals taking a corner in the first round and the feeling around the draft hall as each pick came in.

The guys go around the AFC North breaking down each teams draft. Who was the best picks in the division and which team failed to address their real needs? Did the Steelers really want Artie Burns or was it just a last ditch effort to pick up a need instead of the best player on the board?

What teams ended up having the best draft? Who kind of impact will Tyler Boyd have on this team and who will be rookie of the year when the dust settles?

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On this weeks edition of Picking up or Putting down:

Carson Wentz will start more games in 2016 for the Eagles than Sam Bradford.

Ezekiel Elliot will be the NFL Rookie of the Year.

Tyler Boyd will lead all NFL rookies in receiving touchdowns. (Yes, Matt used an MLB player as reference)

Christian Westerman will be a starter for the Bengals by the end of the season.

Men in Stripes will pick up next week with and Bengals news, rookie deals being signed, and so much more. If you have any questions, remember to send it to or visit us on twitter @MeninStripesSH.

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