Bengals: Is It The Year Of Marvin Lewis?


Marvin Lewis And The Bengals Are On A Mission.

Time is ticking away. The start of the 2016 NFL season is around the corner. The AFC North is primed to be the center of the football universe, as usual. But, there’s one thing on the minds of football purists and Bengals faithful. Is this the year? Is this the season the Cincinnati Bengals prove how far they’ve come? Marvin’s Men have been battle tested. This should be the year.

Marvin Lewis has been running the show since 2003. His tenure with the Bengals has been the longest of any Cincinnati coach. His troops have been exposed to the rigors of postseason play. Per Cincinnati Bengals, Lewis has led the Bengals to the playoffs in five of the last six seasons. Amazingly, Lewis has yet to get that elusive playoff victory. The walls may come tumbling down, in 2016. 

Soon, the January 9 Wild Card fiasco will simply be known as The Game. There’s no need to revisit the gory details. The Bengals had a chance to walk away with their first postseason victory under Lewis. Instead, a series of unfortunate events led to the heartbreak of the year. Please forgive the Lemony Snicket reference. Lewis was seen in various photos after the loss. His facial expressions ran the gamut from utter shock to disbelief. Bengals faithful can identify with the pain. 

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This year will be different. This surely should be the year that Lewis can breathe a sigh of relief. The Game has left a sour taste in the collective psyche of the Orange and Black. Cornerback Adam Jones has already stated his desire. He wants to dance in the confetti of Super Bowl LI. He wants to show his gratitude for being a part of a top-tier defense.

"“The only thing I can pay them back with is the confetti. To win the Super Bowl. I’m just willing to do whatever I have to do to make sure I’m doing my part leading the guys.” David Manning-USA TODAY Sports"

With an attitude like that, Lewis may be riding the shoulders of Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. The Men in Stripes could be hoisting the Lombardi and Marvelous Marvin at the same time.

The loss of Reggie Nelson to the Oakland Raiders wasn’t a travesty. Bengals backers will get to see the evolution of Shawn Williams. In fact, Lewis and Director of Player Personnel Duke Tobin should see many of the recent draft choices take this Bengals team over the hump.

Love him or hate him, Marvin Lewis has turned things around. With a little more direction and drill sergeant tenacity, he should be in the biggest game of his life as a head coach…February 5, 2017.