Men in Stripes: Bengals, NBA Finals, and Andy Dalton

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The boys of Men in Stripes are back and ready for another exciting week in the world of the NFL and Cincinnati Bengals. It was NBA Finals game six and Giovani Bernard is under contract for three more years.

Tim and Matt discussed everything from William Jackson III role to Giovani Bernard’s new contract. Which rookie will have the best chance to start? The Minnesota Vikings will join the Bengals for training camp before their week one preseason match up. Will there be any fights to speak of between the two teams, like we saw in Dallas last year.

We attempt to keep it together as the Cleveland Cavaliers win game six to keep the city of Cleveland’s hope alive of the NBA Championship. Andy Dalton was named 35th on the NFL top 100 list, voted on by the players. Not to mention, the Bengals newest veteran wide out giving some love to Dalton and comparing his style to Tom Brady, minus the cheating of course. 

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