Men in Stripes: Bengals Training Camp Preview with Mo Egger of ESPN1530

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The guys are back as they take a look into training camp, which is set to open on Friday. Who is on the Non-Football Injury List? Which former Bengals player will join them on the field to help the offensive line get to the next level?

Tim gets a chance to talk with ESPN 1530 host Mo Egger. They talk about Bengals training camp opening, putting the 2015 season behind them, David Carr‘s comments, and Mike Brown’s comments.

Matt and Tim break down why David Carr’s comments are not only unjustified but just plain wrong. Why losing Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Hue Jackson is not team suicide. Who will step up to replace what they lost.

They continue their weekly season preview starting with the Bengals at the New England Patriots in week six. Will the Bengals see a rusty Tom Brady or will he have a “me against the world” mentality? Can the Patriots stay healthy?

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The Cleveland Brown will visit the Bengals in week seven. With all the changes in the offseason, can they become relevant and more competitive in 2016? Will Hue Jackson get more than two years to mold this team? Can the “Moneyball” tactic work in the NFL.

The guys finish out with who were the best and worst draft picks of the last 25 years?

Next week the guys will pick their five ring of honor players, and Anthony Munoz is an automatic, so there will be six players, technically.

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