Cincinnati Bengals: Must Break the Cycle of Mediocrity

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Bengals Future
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Everything Must Go

The most painful of the options available is to leverage current assets for young talent and draft picks.  Of course, this would result in seeing players like Andy Dalton and even A.J. Green traded in the off-season or on Draft night.

Consequently, the Bengals would struggle to reach 8-8 for a few years as they stay in the early to middle spots in the NFL Draft. There would be great amounts of Cap space to lock up young players and re-face the look and feel of the Bengals. Of course, there would be no chance of winning a Championship for at least 3 years, but do they have a shot at a Championship as it sits now? No.

Fans will see many problems with this option because the Bengals future will be dim for almost half a decade. An influx of young talent could be great but at the same time the margin between greatness and disaster is one bad draft pick.

Furthermore, it could be argued that this team isn’t that far away from a deep playoff run. A better Offensive Line would make a huge difference by itself.  The defense does need to get younger on all three levels but that can be accomplished in one offseason.

So, the complications of blowing the team up may not be worth the massive risk it would entail.  However, there is another option that could breathe new life into this team immediately.