Cincinnati Bengals: Must Break the Cycle of Mediocrity

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Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /
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Bengals Future
Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

Everyone Will Be Better Off

Marvin Lewis has the ability to be a Super Bowl winning Head Coach, just not with the Cincinnati Bengals. Eventually, the voice gets stale as do the stories, cliché’s and tactics for most coaches minus a select few. Lewis was hired to take an AFC laughing-stock and turn them into a respectable football team, and he has accomplished this task.

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Yet, for the Bengals future to be anything other than maybe the Wild Card round they will need a new coach. Quality Offensive and Defensive Coordinators have worked under Lewis and eventually became Head Coaches. Even so, the team accomplished nothing of significance and probably never will under Lewis.

When considering a coaching change, a team has to determine how confident they are in the potential replacement candidates.  No doubt the Bengals could use a new voice on the sidelines, but if that new voice isn’t competent it is a major step backwards.

When bad coaching hires are made, it snow-balls into a sports tragedy very quickly (see the Browns and Raiders). The morale of the players must also be a major consideration for management. If Bengals players are sold out 100% for Marvin Lewis and he is fired there is a real risk of losing the entire locker room.

There has been success for many Bengals players and last years team was a broken thumb away from a playoff run.  So, the last option may be the best option yet.