Cincinnati Bengals: Must Break the Cycle of Mediocrity

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Bengals Future
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Not That Far Off

Maybe doing nothing is not only the easiest but the best option of all. Tyler Eifert is back and looking very good in his first real action of the year. Yes, the Offensive line has had some issues but it is a line with a veteran presence. After this Bye Week expect to see a rejuvenated interior on both sides of the ball.

On defense, the Bengals need youth at defensive tackle, outside linebacker and cornerback. However, with the NFL Draft, a healthy William Jackson III next year, and cap space, these issues can be fixed in a relatively short time.  Marvin Lewis has a culture of winning in place and the respect of the players on his team. Patience can become genius when given enough time.

This season has been disappointing thus far and the “English Tie” with the Redskins puts a bow on a frustrating first half of the year. However, the fight in the players hasn’t stopped and the new receiving group is starting to mesh great with Andy Dalton.

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Trades will need to be made and Marvin Lewis could need to go, but if the core of the team stays the same, the future will be just fine.  A retread Coach or an inexperienced Coordinator as the new Bengals coach could do more harm than good.  Hopefully, Mike Brown listens to legitimate football minds and makes decisions based on winning the Bengals future.