Bengals Facing Another Huge Test With Giants


The Cincinnati Bengals will be facing a fired up Giants team on Monday Night Football. Primetime hasn’t been good to the Bengals. It’s another huge test.

The Cincinnati Bengals 2016 season started with so much promise. Suddenly, the campaign has turned into a fight to stay alive in the fading AFC North. While they’re not out of the playoff hunt completely, things could turn ugly in a heartbeat. Another must-win game is on the horizon. When the Bengals’ battle the New York Giants, it’ll be a true test. Primetime on Monday Night Football will be the stage for another do-or-die matchup. 

Cincinnati is gearing up for the battle by getting set defensively. But, will that be enough to get the job done? The Bengals’ once-proud defensive unit has been taking a beating lately. In the last NFL International Series game, Kirk Cousins torched the D for 458 yards of air mileage. Even worse, his completion percentage was a cool 67.8 percent. That, my friends, is not going to win games. Cousins had time to throw and was not pressured enough to rattle his ratio. Those are Andy Dalton type numbers. Yeah, I said it. 

Not to take anything away from the Redskins, but the Bengals defense was horrendous. The pass rush was almost nonexistent. If Cincinnati is going to make a second-half run at the postseason, it has to happen Monday night. The changes talked about during the Bye Week have to be initiated ASAP. 

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No Pushovers

Thinking that the Giants game will be a gimme is a true mistake. They are not the Phins and they are most certainly not the Cleveland Browns. Take away the beatdowns administered to those teams and suddenly the Bengals season becomes suspect.

When the lights go on at MetLife Stadium, Marvin Lewis will once again be put on the front burner. There’s no need to mention the Bengals’ less than stellar primetime record. But, if this season is to get a jumpstart, MNF is the best place to do it.

The Giants are not pushovers. They are trying to keep pace with the Dallas Cowboys in a very competitive NFC East. In order to do that, the G-Men slipped by a very good Eagles team. Their Week 9 defeat of Philly set them up at 5-3. New York is also beginning the second half of their season. A win over the defending AFC North Champion Bengals would give them a shot in the arm. New York is aiming for the playoffs for the first time since 2011. In the NFL, confidence is everything.

Respect Is As Respect Does

The focus has to be there. Playing under the lights affects teams differently. It tends to bring out the best and worst of the respective stars battling it out. A.J. Green is having a monster year. Bengals’ fans and players know he’ll have his game face on. But, that means there will have to be an equal resistance on the other side. Giants’ defender Janoris Jenkins could possibly get the call against Green.

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Adam Jones has stated his respect for Odell Beckham Jr. When Jones speaks about the opposing team’s talent, it’s best to listen.

"“Oh, yeah, of course he’s in that top-tier. The kid is a freak. He can do it all. He’s got real good speed. He runs decent routes. He competes every play. He’s the real deal. He’s got a lot.”"

The Deal

Changes will be made and attitudes will be in the air. But, the end result is the W. Lewis needs to have his troops ready for one serious battle. It may not be a laugher like the 2012 game, but the Bengals have to come out victorious.

A sixth straight postseason berth is on the line. The integrity of all Bengals coaches is on the line. Let the second half begin.