Who Was The Bengals’ Best Running Back In 2016?

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals
NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals /

What Do The Stats Say?

When looking at their statistics side by side, there is a clearer picture of how these players stack up. It’s apparent that Hill has had more opportunities to carry the ball in his career. Last year he received more than double the amount that of carries that Giovani Bernard received and triple Burkhead’s carries. Even though Hill’s career yards per carry average is less than the other two backs, his 30 career total touchdowns and 4.11 touchdowns per 100 touches are hard to ignore.

Out of the Bengals running backs, is the only one that caught a touchdown last year and he didn’t even play a full season. Bernard is the only player of the three to crack the 1,000 yard receiving mark in his career. While he is not going to wow fans as a lead back, he still plays an important role in the offense and has not proven to be a better runner than either Burkhead or Hill.

Bukhead has had the least amount of opportunities but has come away with a career average of 4.3 which is higher than Bernard and Hill’s averages. When looking at 2016 specifically, he had an even higher average of 4.6 yards per carry. If this number is extrapolated to the 222 carries that Hill received in 2016, Burkhead would have ended the season with approximately 1,021 yards (more than both Hill and Bernard). Although Burkhead does have a higher average, he also has an average of fewer touchdowns per 100 touches than Hill does and a higher number of fumbles per 100 touches than Hill for both his career and 2016 numbers.

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