Who Was The Bengals’ Best Running Back In 2016?

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens
NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens /

And The Winner Is?

For the Bengals, the backfield situation should be fairly obvious. Keep Giovani Bernard as a change of pace and passing option.  Then, decide between Jeremy Hill and Rex Burkhead as the lead back. The numbers show that if both players continue as they are, Hill would score more touchdowns and fumble less. Burkhead would accumulate more yards.

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The argument for Burkhead over Hill does seem somewhat justified. But, it’s anybody’s guess as to whether Burkhead could continue this sort of performance in the future. With much of each player’s usage being situational, there are still unanswered questions and no definitive answers. Hill is the more established player and the “safer” player to keep on the roster going forward. But, what if Rex is even better? This is what the Bengals need to decide this offseason. Bengals fans anxiously await the answer.