Who Dey notes: Bengals tagged for caution, players on the bubble

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 24: Adam Jones /

The Bengals are now being used as a model of what not to do with a franchise. There are more than a few players with something to prove.

The Cincinnati Bengals are a lot of things to many people. To fans, they are the heart and soul of the Cincy sports scene. To unbelievers (blasphemy), they’re just a blip on the NFL radar screen that has to be tolerated. But, when you say the Bengals should be used as a precaution before making moves, that’s going too far.

Okay, I’ll admit the obvious. There are times when the Bengals’ choice of player personnel is…questionable. But, that’s the one thing football is not based on. If the criteria for being a great player was being a Boy Scout or a Junior Woodchuck, some of the great names would never be mentioned again. Jack Lambert, Joe Greene, Dick Butkus and Conrad Dobler were some of the dirtiest players to step on the field. But, they got the job done.

Erasers On Pencils

The Bengals have made mistakes in the past. But, the players currently on the roster aren’t as thuggish as most seem to think. Vontaze Burfict is a beast on the field. Yet, his personal life is rather bland. The constant infractions made by Adam Jones are the only headlines to make a splash. Putting Joe Mixon on blast before he gains a yard in the NFL is childish. We all make mistakes.

As far as being wrong about Andy Dalton, that situation is a no-brainer. Dalton has blown a few games like any other QB). But, he’s far from the worst and hasn’t turned out to be a bust. The 2017 season will be his application for that added moniker.

Cleveland Brown rant over. Here’s a friendly suggestion. Get some more W’s and an AFC North title before putting another team on blast.

Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum In The Dish

This will be the season that makes or breaks more than a handful of Bengals. Fans are ready for their favorites to produce and the anticipation of seeing the rookies is real.

But, all eyes will be on the veterans who get the cheese. Once again, the Bengals will have three big names on the FA list for 2018. Tyler Eifert and Jeremy Hill are on the bubble to prove they belong. Burfict has made his plea and should be given a contract extension. No, I’m not partial. My allegiance is with the Bengals no matter what. But, of the three, Burfict can’t be the scapegoat. No one is intimidated by Eifert (Glass Man) or Hill (East, West runner).

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There are other players bouncing on the surface of the bubble. Focus and determination will be the key to this year’s outcome. Maybe Burfict’s passion can be bottled and given to the whole team.