Bengals’ offense is under more pressure to produce

CINCINNATI, OH - OCTOBER 07: Quarterback Andy Dalton
CINCINNATI, OH - OCTOBER 07: Quarterback Andy Dalton /

There’s no magic wand to wave and things instantly get better for the Bengals. But, one thing is certain. The offense is under added pressure.

When the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Green Bay Packers, there will be a different feel to the offense. Let’s not go out and bet the farm on 30 or more points being scored. But, there should be some energy to the Bengals’ attack. The past two weeks have been brutal. What was supposed to be a high-scoring machine has mustered a mere nine points. But, changes came early and there’s still time to get the season back on track.

Marvin Lewis & Co. were pushed to the limit. Fans and players were demanding that something be done. Who was the sacrificial lamb? That honor went to former offensive coordinator Ken Zampese. To be honest, he talked a good game, but the results never showed up. Moreover, how do you field a team that has the likes of A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert, Joe Mixon, John Ross and various weapons without getting into the end zone?

Contrary to what many fans may be thinking, the pressure hasn’t been laid aside. Now that the so-called “problem” has been eliminated, there will be more scrutiny than ever. Yes, there will be a time of adjustment. But, there’s actually no room for complacency and a huge learning curve. Simply put, the Pack isn’t trying to drop another game. On the other hand, the pressure is definitely on the Bengals to get the job done. So, in essence, they’ve gone from the proverbial frying pan into the fire. Funny how that works.

The Effort Has To Be Spread Around 

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Since Bill Lazor has been anointed as the next best thing since sliced bread, he’ll be under the gun to produce. Initially, the playbook will be scaled down to the most productive plays. There may even be a few new wrinkles tossed into the game plan. But, there has to be an understanding among the players.

Just because there’s a new OC, things won’t miraculously get better. The 2017 Bengals won’t suddenly morph into the scoring machines that lit up scoreboards in the 80s. Yet, that would be a welcome sight. Lewis gives a cut-and-dry explanation of the situation, per

"“I told the players that Monday morning. This is not magic. You have to do the work. Offense, defense and special teams alike. We got (Ken Zampese) out of here, not Ken. We (helped cause it). The players have to understand that — they were part of that. The next time, look around and there will be different guys sitting around (in the locker room).”"

Getting It Done

Fortunately, getting the coaching change implemented was easy. Now, it’s about the execution that was missing. The players have to want it to be better and make the effort.

Part of having better execution and timing is about simplifying what needs to be done.

"“That is just part of playing football,” Andy Dalton explained. “You don’t want to over think when you are out there — you just want to go out there and play, and trust in your abilities. Just have everybody play great and do their job.”"

Next: The O-Line Bounce Back

Getting everyone on the same page to do their job has been the theme of 2017. But, now, it’s time to see how that plays out in Green Bay.