Could McCarron land in Buffalo


Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron has still to find a home in free agency while teams continue to lock down quarterbacks.

Cincinnati Bengals backup quarterback A.J. McCarron walked into a free agency along with a colossal of other veteran quarterbacks hoping for a starting job. McCarron felt that he wasn’t given a fair shot with the Bengals to compete for the starting role and wants to go somewhere that he will get that shot. It’s looking less and less likely that he will find what he was looking for but there is still a team without a veteran quarterback going into 2018.

The Buffalo Bills traded their starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor to the Cleveland Browns last week. After the trade with the Bengals moving them up in the first round, it’s likely they are trying to position themselves to make a trade again to jump ahead of other quarterback-needy teams looking to find their future. Even though the Bills are looking for their future in the draft, McCarron could be the starter in 2018.

McCarron stated that he doesn’t want to be a bridge quarterback but get a long-term deal with a team but with the lack of interest in free agency, he might not have a choice. This could be his best option as he would get a chance to start for a team that is developing a rookie and showcases his skills for the following offseason. His lack of playing time and tape for teams to watch is a big part of why he has failed to get a longterm deal locked down.

There is a rumor that the New England Patriots offered McCarron a contract but he would be sitting behind veteran quarterback Tom Brady for minimum a year. Buffalo continues to look like the best option for a quarterback needing to prove himself with a very limited market left. Could we see McCarron in a Bills uniform in 2018?