NFL releases preseason schedule

(Photo by Justin Aller /Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Aller /Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals now know who they will be facing in the preseason. The regular season schedule is set to come out next week.

The Cincinnati Bengals are set to face the Chicago Bears, the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas followed by the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo and Indianapolis Colts. After the Bills and Bengals swapping much of their rosters, it will be fun to see the two square off in week three of the preseason.

Following training camp, the preseason if the first chance the fans get to see their Bengals in action and for coaches to get a look at new players and schemes in a game. Often being a chance for players trying to make a roster and prove that they can contribute. It will be the first chance that this year’s rookies will get to take to an NFL field and get a glimpse of what NFL games are like.

Most preseason games you will not see many schemes being used as coaches want the one on one matchups. Seeing what players can do without being schemed in position or open. It’s a good chance to see the talent of players without all of the background work to help them succeed.

If you are a person that loves to watch a roster build then the preseason is the right place. See how players perform against higher talent and see whether backups dominate the lesser talent and move up on the depth chart. Guys like defensive end Jordan Willis and linebacker Jordan Evans shined last preseason and made their talent known on why they deserve a spot on the roster. Especially Evans, who was an undrafted free agent.