Could the Bengals of gotten more for 12th pick

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 07: Jared Allen /

The Cincinnati Bengals traded their 12th overall pick to move back nine spots and acquire left tackle Cordy Glenn. Could they have gotten more?

The Cincinnati Bengals made a trade with the Buffalo Bills in early March sending their 12th overall pick and sixth-round pick to the Bills for left tackle Cordy Glenn, the 21st overall pick, and a fifth-round pick. Trading back nine spots for when healthy a top ten left tackle in the league is a pretty solid trade, but could they have gotten more by waiting until draft day?

Of course, waiting until the draft day would be a gambling move as no one knows what will happen. The quarterback would probably be the biggest need for a team to be willing to trade up to the 12th overall pick and give an arm and a leg to do so. Even with the number of quarterbacks in this year’s draft, it’s no guarantee that at 12 a high profiled target at the position is going to be there.

If the Bengals had waited to trade back in the first round, there could have been a possibility that someone like Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma dropped to that spot and you have numerous quarterback-needy teams calling and bargaining. This would give Cincinnati the high ground and ability to drive up the cost of the overall pick.

Some teams that are not in the top 12 of the draft before the Bills and Bengals trade and looking to find their next quarterback of the future were the Bills, New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and Pittsburgh Steelers. All of these teams have aging quarterbacks or bridge quarterbacks in place and if the quarterback they liked fell to 12, Cincinnati could possibly have gotten more for the pick.

With the number of holes along the offensive line, however, it makes a lot of sense that the Bengals traded when they did. Still holding a first-round pick and moving up from the sixth to fifth round all while getting a top ten left tackle is a pretty nice haul for the Bengals. It’s also one of the most important positions in football protecting the quarterback’s blindside.

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This allowed  Cincinnati to look at more positions on the right side of the line and other positions on the roster with enough time. If they only had one spot needing to be filled on the offensive line I would be disappointed that they didn’t wait, but I think they made the right move with the need for an overhaul of new players along the line. The Bengals also have eleven picks already that they can use to move up and get players at the top of their board in the first two days of the draft.