Bengals trade scenarios heading into Thursday

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 01: Iowa offensive lineman James Daniels speaks to the media during NFL Combine press conferences at the Indiana Convention Center on March 1, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 01: Iowa offensive lineman James Daniels speaks to the media during NFL Combine press conferences at the Indiana Convention Center on March 1, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals have been aggressive for this franchise during the offseason and it could continue in the draft with trades.

The Cincinnati Bengals already traded down from the 12th overall pick to the 21st and acquiring starting left tackle Cordy Glenn from the Buffalo Bills. They have been more aggressive this year in the offseason.  Could they make more moves come this weekend’s draft?

I would like to propose some complete mock fantasy like options. Here are possible, three “what if” scenarios that could play out for trade options in this year’s draft. The Bengals could trade down to 23 and swap places with the New England Patriots. The Bengals could trade up in the second round. Finally, they could blow all fans away and do both.

Holding eleven picks in this year’s draft without having eleven spots on the roster to keep all of those rookies, it would make sense for the Bengals to move up in the draft to secure better prospects. Grabbing guys high on their boards in earlier rounds by bundling their late round picks could be in the play come the draft. Cincinnati holds two third-round picks, three fifth-round picks, and three seventh-round picks. Will they bundle these to grab guys earlier? They need quality over quantity.

Trade back in the first round

The New England Patriots if motivated enough to assure they can land Lamar Jackson could possibly trade places with the Cincinnati Bengals in the first round. Unlikely, most would say. However, Cincinnati has already baited most late round teams by bringing in Jackson for a visit. The Denver Broncos are on the board at 22 who will also be quarterback hungry in this year’s draft.

The Patriots if not sold on the late round quarterback selection of Lauletta, Rudolph, and others could move up to secure Lamar Jackson. It has also been reported the Patriots just had Jackson in for a visit. Cincinnati, who I believe will not take chance on Jackson, will gladly trade them 21 for 23 and their 4th round selection 104.

This will still land the Bengals one of the top offensive linemen they are targeting in the first round and given them yet another pick to work within the late rounds. Looking at mock draft, they have Orlando Brown, Oklahoma offensive tackle, falling to that area of the draft. If the Bengals could pull this off they could land a top-tier day one starter on the line, as well as, a former first-round projected player in the fourth.

Trading up in the second round

The Cincinnati Bengals do not get an offer from the Patriots and stand pat at 21. I have said all along this has to be Mike McGlinchey. In the second round though, they could move up. This is the least likely scenario. Though, has the likes of Malik Jefferson linebacker from Texas falling into the second round. The Bengals are facing yet another Burfict suspension to start the season. They could see this as an opportunity to move up and get one of the top linebackers in Jefferson. also has Isaiah Wynn and James Daniels falling into the top of round 2. I find this very unlikely. But if this is the case then the Bengals need to immediately jump teams in need of offensive line help. It is imperative that the Cincinnati Bengals fix the offensive line and draft new offensive line coach Frank Pollack enough talent this year. McGlinchey in the first and Daniels in the second would be an automatic upgrade on the line.

Trade back in the first round and up in the second round

If the Patriots are scared that they may lose out on Lamar Jackson and he is sitting there late in round one, they could move up to 21 and give the Bengals a chance to pull off a great opportunity. Then in the second round, if Daniels indeed falls, the Bengals trade the Colts, who are in need of quantity in this year’s draft, their 37th pick for the Bengals 46 and 5th Round 151 and 158, if needed, but not likely. This is all simply mock fantasy but imagine if both these scenarios play out.

New 4 Round Mock with Trades:

R1P23:  Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame (Trade with New England)

***Immediate starter at RT

R2P37:  James Daniels, C, Iowa (Trade with Indianapolis Colts)

***Immediate starter at Center

R3P77:  Arden Key, Edge, LSU 

***Highly discussed Edge player that could easily take over for Michael Johnson

R3P100:  Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State

***Potential future starter after 2020 or if Andy Dalton struggles.

R4P104:  Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma (Trade with New England)

***Worth risk, potential high ceiling under Pollack

R4P112:  P.J. Hall, DT, Sam Houston State

***Need pick:  Potential starter next to Atkins