Stripe Hype Thursday mailbag

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The Cincinnati Bengals have had a busy offseason and while free agency and the draft are over, there are still plenty of questions to be answered.

The Cincinnati Bengals have had significant amounts of turnaround this offseason, even if head coach Marvin Lewis is still somehow here, and there is still plenty of questions to be had about the team. We have seen coaching and players come and go this offseason, made it through the free agency period where the Bengals made some moves for once, and now we are through the draft process.

Following the NFL draft, there are plenty of questions about the organization and what we should expect in 2018. We finally know what the majority of this roster will look like this season. There are still plenty of UDFA and rookie invites to look at that are trying to prove themselves to make a roster at the last minute this offseason.

We asked you, the fans, what questions you may have had this week regarding the Bengals and put some of them in our weekly mailbag. This gives you guys a chance to ask our writers what they think on specific subjects and get your questions answered. Of course, you can always send us messages and tweets regarding the Bengals throughout the week, and we will be glad to answer and discuss them with you.

Here at Stripe Hype, we want you guys to voice your thoughts to us and let us know what you are thinking. Often, we find your questions so interesting that we turn them into full articles. If you have something you want to see be discussed, let us know, and we will add the topic to our schedule. Without further ado, let’s get to your questions from this week.