Projecting most likely Bengals rookie to flop

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals brought in rookies to contribute right away through the 2018 NFL Draft. Bleacher Report projects which are most likely to flop.

The Cincinnati Bengals addressed holes in their roster with their selections in the 2018 NFL Draft. Considering last year the team spent high picks on offensive playmakers, this season the team plugged holes in the roster with positional players. As it is too early to know what each rookie will become in their NFL career, the class overall looks like a good haul for Cincinnati.

The draft process is a hit or miss, and if a team can land three or four starters in a draft class, it’s considered a huge success. There will always be players that don’t live up to their hype as we saw going back over the 2014 Bengals draft class yesterday. Bleacher Report came out with an article projecting which rookie from each team will be a flop this season and it might surprise most Bengals fans.

Kristopher Knox chose Ohio State center Billy Price to be the flop for Cincinnati. He talked about how he likes Price as a prospect and thinks that he is a mauler in the trenches. Price will be joining left tackle Cordy Glenn as the new additions to the offensive line group this season. Fans are optimistic about what the offensive line will look like this season so hearing that Knox picked Price to be a flop is not comforting.

The selection has its merits as offensive linemen coming out of college in recent years have not been as prepared for the NFL. With college offenses being so different from that of the NFL, linemen have so much to learn in little time. Price has even less time as he recovers from the pectoral injury he suffered at the combine.

Former Arizona head coach Bruce Arians spoke a couple of years ago about the issue with offensive linemen coming into the NFL. He talked about how they were more athletic than ever but were having to learn the fundamentals again.

"“You’re drafting a guy right now coming out of some colleges that haven’t been in a three-point stance since high school, and you’re going to pay him a ton of money. You have to teach him to get in a three-point stance and run block,” Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said. “It’s fundamentals that we’re going back now and have to teach. We never had to teach it before. Great athletes. The athletes are much, much better, but the fundamentals are worse than they’ve ever been.”"

Knox talked about the Bengals having a below average line, and the lack of talent would hurt Price. I think that the addition of new offensive line coach Frank Pollack has already started his work to develop the offensive line. Price will also have left guard Clint Boling next to him who was the only lineman for the Bengals that played well a season ago. It all depends on what you think.

One question I do have is what he would consider a flop? What would you believe a flop season? After watching Russell Bodine command the center position the last four seasons, it’s hard to imagine anyone coming in and playing any worse. Even Joe Goodberry of The Athletic pointed out on Twitter how bad Bodine made the whole line worse.

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Personally, I think that Price even if he doesn’t have the year some fans are wanting would still be an upgrade over Bodine. A flop for me would have to show worse play than the former player at the position. I don’t see that being possible for Price in 2018. I also think with offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and Pollack working together this offseason we will see offensive linemen running schemes that suit their strengths. Something that was not done last season.