Geno Atkins is first Bengals Top 100 player

CINCINNATI, OH - OCTOBER 8: Tyrod Taylor /

The Cincinnati Bengals finally made it in the top 100 list voted on by the players with defensive tackle Geno Atkins.

The Cincinnati Bengals have their first player to make it in the Top-100 list voted on by the players. Defensive tackle Geno Atkins came in at number 63. It’s the third straight year that Atkins has made the list and he moved up five spots from his previous spot of 68 in 2017. In 2016, Atkins ranked at 29th overall.

Over the last three seasons that Atkins has made the list consecutively, he has collected 29 sacks and 140 tackles proving himself to be one of the best pass rushers from the interior part of the defensive line. During his 2017 campaign, Atkins ranked second among interior defensive linemen according to Pro Football Focus with a 91.5 rating.

It’s hard to imagine there being 62 other players better than Atkins in the NFL given his rare talent. Even without help along the interior part of the line with Cincinnati’s inability to find a defensive tackle to pair with Atkins, he continues to find ways through double teams and extra attention to put up consecutive sack totals each season. It’s rare to find defensive ends with those kinds of numbers in today’s NFL.

There is no doubt that Atkins is one of the key pieces in the Cincinnati defense. The six time Pro Bowler is playing at a high level even at the age of 30. With no looks of slowing down and his contract expiring after the 2018 season, it would be in the Bengals best interest to work out a new deal before the season starts to avoid any chance of letting Atkins walk next offseason.

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With players like defensive end Carlos Dunlap and wide receiver A.J. Green still yet to be named on the list, keep an eye out for more Bengals players in the Top 100 list. Green was ranked number 17 last year. Dunlap and tight end Tyler Eifert failed to make the list last season but don’t be surprised if Dunlap finds his way in this year.