Hold Up, Is Beyoncé Really a Bengals Fan?


There are at least a handful of celebrities who are noted Bengals fans. If Beyoncé really is a fan, she may be the most famous of all.

The Bengals are not necessarily known for their ravenous fans. Although we certainly have a phenomenal core fanbase, it’s not as big or as boisterous as other, bigger city teams. Yahoo!’s fan rankings ranked the team aa 26th best in the league.

However, the team may have a leg up over other franchises now. A picture has surfaced on Twitter of Beyoncé herself sporting a Bengals jersey. The jersey has clearly faded, but it still clearly has the Bengal stripe along the sleeves. It’s an orange home jersey with a number 9 on it – presumably a Carson Palmer jersey.

It’s possible Beyoncé is in fact a Bengals fan, as crazy as that might be. It looks like she chose to wear this jersey of her own volition. Even if she’s not a fan, it’s something cool before the season starts. Although, if Beyoncé is a fan, she should probably update her wardrobe and snag an AJ Green or a Geno Atkins jersey.

Assuming Beyoncé is a fan, she joins an interesting list of celebrity Bengals fans. Woody Harrelson, star of Cheers and White Men Can’t Jump (among others), is one of the biggest fans out there. In fact, Harrelson believes he has cursed the Bengals by playing foosball – since he did, they have not won a playoff game. Another movie star, George Clooney, is also a noted fan. Clooney grew up in the area and attended the University of Cincinnati, so he is a homegrown fan.

Other notable fans include musicians Bootsy Collins and Nick Lachey. Both Collins and Lachey were born locally as well. Collins is a renowned bassist who has played with James Brown and Parliament Funkadelic. He has also worked with the Bengals PR team to produce videos in the past. Lachey, a member of the band 98 degrees, is also a hardcore fan, even getting tossed out of a Chargers game for supporting the Bengals too hard.

Maybe Beyoncé isn’t as hardcore as some of these celebrities, but she could certainly join the list. No matter what, it’s pretty cool to see her sporting a Bengals jersey.