Bengals Fans Predict: Huge Win, Great Defense in Week 1

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We asked, you answered. Here’s what you predicted for the Bengals’ Week 1 matchup in Indy. Hint: the defensive line dominates.

When I posted on social media asking for your predictions for Week 1, I hoped there would be some optimistic replies. However, you guys blew me away. Every single response to the Twitter and Facebook account had the Bengals winning, usually by a wide margin. There is clearly a sense of hope around this team, and it sounds like the Bengals will get off to a hot start.

I was also really impressed with the answers I received. The predictions had several common threads, but all touched on various parts of the game that will be important. This piece will definitely be recurring, and we’ll publish it the day before every Bengals’ game.

If you want to have your opinion heard and didn’t have a chance this week, never fear! We will have these predictions every week, so there is plenty of time to voice your thoughts. The twitter account is @StripeHype, and the Facebook account is Stripe Hype.

The biggest thing I noticed, besides the unanimous selection of the Bengals, was the massive margin of victory each of you predicted. The above projection, with an 18-point win, was the largest I saw. Out of 11 responses with a score, the average margin of victory was 13(!) points. In a game where Vegas favors Indianapolis by 3, this shows a lot of confidence in the team. I can’t say I disagree, though – I think this game could get away from the Colts fast.

The other biggest takeaway from your predictions was the focus on the defensive line. Many of you projected lots of sacks of Andrew Luck, which is fair given the state of the Colts’ O-line. The Facebook comments mirrored this belief as well. David Briggs wrote, “Score – Cincy by 7. Dominant defense.” One of my favorite predictions came from Brian P Hill, who said, “24-10 Bengals. 200 yards of Indy offense with a strip six for Geno.” On Twitter, @jodybreeze68 also touched on this, predicting “…Cincy wins 27-17. 5 sacks from the d line.”

Shifting to the Bengals’ offense, there was definitely some optimism around the scoring potential of this team. A lot of the offensive firepower will come from a diversity of options (as noted above), and hopefully John Ross in particular. @TbagNproDiges predicts, “Bengals win 31-13. Offensive MVP Andy Dalton will have a good day. X factor will be John Ross…”

Also, the Colts’ poor defense could help. Bryan BD Scott writes, “I think we will win the Colts just don’t have enough on defense. 27-14.” I agree with Bryan – the Colts’ defense will allow the Bengals to get off to a hot start offensively.

The biggest concern you shared was with the offensive line. There is still a fear that this unit just won’t be able to create space or a clean pocket, which is very valid. Robert Kirchner points this out, saying “The offense needs to protect Andy Dalton, give him more time. 31-17 Bengals.” Dave Roberts makes a similar point, starting his prediction by saying “The key to victory will be in the trenches. We have to control the line of scrimmage from both sides. Pressure Luck, make him uncomfortable back there. Protect Dalton and give him at least 3 secs to get rid of the football…27-10 Bengals!”

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All in all, these responses made some really good points about the Week 1 matchup. Most importantly, though, Who Dey! The Bengals look like they’re in a good spot heading to Indy.