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Cincinnati Bengals: 3 bold predictions for Week 10 versus the Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals, Lamar Jackson(Photo by Dan Kubus/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Lamar Jackson(Photo by Dan Kubus/Getty Images) /
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The 0-8 Cincinnati Bengals get a second shot at the division-leading Baltimore Ravens in Week 10. Can rookie Ryan Finley deliver the teams first win in his first start?

Week 10 is looking like a rough go for the 0-8 Cincinnati Bengals. With rookie quarterback Ryan Finley making his first start against the AFC North-leading Baltimore Ravens, he will attempt to get his team the first win this season.

That will be some tough sledding as his counterpart in Lamar Jackson is making a case for league MVP after a monster performance in a win against the New England Patriots.

The Bengals are coming off of a bye week that produced a lot of news and not of the good variety. They benched quarterback Andy Dalton. They made zero moves at the trade deadline despite being winless. And just when they thought they would have receiver A.J. Green back in the lineup, he’s now out for the ninth straight game.

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Indeed, when it rains it pours, and in Cincinnati, it’s an absolute monsoon. Week 10 is lining up to be a lot of things that don’t add up to a win. While Finley signals some needed change in the Bengals organization, it doesn’t necessarily translate to a victory. Baltimore is good, like potentially Super Bowl contender good.

Bengals versus the Ravens might be a reminder that Cincinnati isn’t just trending down, but is in an absolute nosedive. After a bye week where they may have locked up the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, that news may be the only good news for a while.