Cincinnati Bengals: It is time for A.J. Green to say he isn’t playing in 2019

Is it time for wide receiver A.J. Green to tell the Cincinnati Bengals that he isn’t playing in 2019? it seems the next logical step, and frankly, who could blame him.

In the 49-13 blowout loss to the Baltimore Ravens, members of the CBS broadcast crew took the opportunity to address some issues with Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green. Whether fair or not, it spoke to some questions that are beginning to boil over in the Queen City. It also spoke to a national perception that says both sides are failing where optics are concerned.

During the Week 10 game at Paul Brown Stadium, analyst Rich Gannon and sideline reporter Jay Feely took issue with comments made regarding A.J.’s injury. The fact two veterans would make a point to discuss how Green is now handling the issue speaks volumes about where this stalemate is going.

Gannon: “When he said this week, he said, ‘I can’t go out there when I’m not 100 percent. It’s all about making sure I’m taking care of myself first and everything else comes after that.’ That bothered me a little bit. Nobody is 100 percent right now. There’s players that are playing with ankle injuries, knee injuries – they’re giving everything they have to the organization.”

Gannon was quick to note A.J. “wants to be right.” That’s not breaking news, but as this winless season drags on, someone needs to be the bigger adult in this game of chicken, and given the Bengals history, that part isn’t typically the brass in Cincinnati.

Green needs to be the one to tell fans and the Bengals organization that’s he’s not playing in 2019. He needs to force the issue and tell Mike Brown that the ball is in their court. Green has been a stand-up citizen, if they want him, then they can pay him if they don’t, no hard feelings, just a short and sweet, “buh-bye.”

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Push has come to shove in this smoldering dumpster fire. Only A.J. Green can keep it from becoming the raging inferno most see this heading.