New “Sharif” in Town: Bengals Snag a Talented Edge LB off Waivers

The Bengals have claimed second year edge linebacker Sharif Finch after he was waived by the Titans.

At 6’4″ 250 pounds, he is described as long, and a good run stuffer. Perhaps the best thing you could say about Sharif Finch that social media has plenty of Titans fans who are not happy to see him go. Take @ferraferraez for example below

Finch joined Titans training camp during the 2018 season as an undrafted free agent out of Temple University. During that training camp Finch had to overcome the passing of his father along with the struggle of making an NFL roster as an undrafted player.

With such the story of perseverance surrounding Finch making the roster, it is understandable that Titans fans are not happy to lose him due to some roster juggling associated with resting RB Derrick Henry. For more details on his release, see the article linked below.

Maybe the Titans staff thought that they could sneak their prized undrafted free agent back through waivers. After all, Finch has had a down season compared to 2018 due to a shoulder injury he sustained in October.

If the Titans were trying to sneak him onto their practice squad, the Bengals should be commended for identifying a player that this time last year was being written about as an “emerging playmaker” for a pretty good Titans defense. If you’d like to see some film review on Finch, check out this 2018 SB Nation article.

At 1-14, the Bengals need to add talent to the organization in any way they can. After reading the following tweet from fellow Fansider and writer Will Lomas, fans should be intrigued.

There will be some people who will question how much effort we will see out of a player who is going from competing for a playoff spot, to a team that’s simply looking for some payback against a division rival. To those fans, see the following photo proudly displayed on Finch’s Instagram. I think he’ll be looking forward to getting his hands on Baker Mayfield again… don’t you?