Bengals: 3 teams Andy Dalton could take to the playoffs in 2020

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Andy Dalton is a veteran quarterback not expected back with the Bengals in 2020. However, here are three teams he can take to the playoffs as soon as next season.

Veteran quarterback Andy Dalton isn’t likely to be back with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2020. The conventional wisdom is that they use their first-round pick on a quarterback, end the Dalton era, and begin what could be a significant rebuild.

“Conventional wisdom” being what it is, might not apply to the Bengals. Common knowledge around the NFL is that Cincinnati doesn’t always conduct football business as usual. As a refresher, the team decided against making any moves at the trade deadline and subsequently sat on both Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green. Both would have made sense to trade, and both would have provided draft capital.

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Dalton is still a serviceable quarterback, and in the right setting with some tools around him, can move a team up the win column in short order. An organization that is closer to the top than the bottom would be wise to take a long and hard look at the veteran quarterback. Dalton has a lot of upside and can immediately help a team who’s window for winning is open, but maybe not for long.

More simply put, Dalton isn’t a quarterback to build around, which is to say you won’t and shouldn’t reboot your team with the veteran signal-caller. But for those looking to win now, he’s a player who can get a team to the playoffs, and perhaps beyond.

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