Cincinnati Bengals have no intention of trading first overall pick

Reports are that the Cincinnati Bengals are not interested in trading the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

For all the hyperventilating on behalf of the national media as to whether the Cincinnati Bengals should trade the first overall pick, or even if they deserve it, reports are that the team is standing pat.

Good thing. The Bengals, who have had the No. #1 pick three other times in 1994,1995, and in 2003, seem more than content to select first overall, most likely taking LSU phenom Joe Burrow, and bringing the hometown kid back to Ohio.

Now, it is just a little past the middle part of January and the Bengals staff have charge of the South team at next week’s Senior Bowl. They will have a chance to see other talent at the quarterback position, but if you had to make a bet at a window in Las Vegas, the smart money looks to be on Burrow. And frankly, it has to be. Burrow is the key to a reset in the Queen City, and passing on him, either via a trade or selecting another quarterback, is one of those things a franchise should think long and hard about, especially for its struggling fan base.

In recent days, a lot has been made about Carolina or even Miami wanting to make a move up. But Cincinnati, who has never traded out of the top pick, looks to be in position to reset the organization and draft potentially a generational type of talent.

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Cincinnati may not be that far off. With Jonah Williams due back from injury, Joe Mixon finishing as strong as he did, and some decent talent at wide receiver, moving out of the AFC North cellar might not be as difficult as some think. Especially with the Cleveland Browns being a dumpster fire to end the 2019 NFL season.

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