Where does Andy Dalton stack up against available QB’s in 2020?

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The field of veteran quarterbacks who could look to be changing teams in 2020 is an impressive and interesting list. Where Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton fits will be a curious watch as Cincinnati looks to be moving on.

The dye looks to have been cast in Cincinnati. With a new quarterback likely coming online in 2020, veteran Bengals signal-caller Andy Dalton looks to be on his way out the door. Whether he is cut or traded, Dalton would be joining a growing list of veterans who could be looking for a job next season.

Names like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater, and Jameis Winston are just a few of the players who could be on the move. Others like Cam Newton and Marcus Mariota may find themselves in different cities having played themselves out of their current one.

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How a quarterback like Dalton stacks up is an interesting question for him and the Bengals. While it’s possible he could end up in any number of cities, it is ultimately where he lands on the pecking order of teams who both need and want a veteran. Organizations that are close to breaking through could be a logical destination. Teams looking to simply stabilize the quarterback position or upgrade are also possible.

While returning to Cincinnati isn’t completely out of the question, it seems almost as if that decision has already been made. The Bengals have the first overall pick and Dalton will want to be a starter in 2020. He may well be, but it seems more likely elsewhere.

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