Bengals: 3 players who make trading the first overall pick to Miami a smart move

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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The Cincinnati Bengals will likely make the safe move and draft LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. But trading the first overall pick to the Miami Dolphins could yield a draft in the first round that changes everything in the Queen City for the better.

Hey Bengals fans, I get it. The love affair with LSU quarterback Joe Burrow is in full bloom. According to social media, it’s a slam dunk, an absolute can’t miss. You don’t find anyone in Cincinnati who doesn’t think taking Burrow with the first overall pick is the absolute best thing for the franchise, for the fanbase, and for the Queen City.

It’s a lock!

First things first. It’s logical the Bengals would draft Burrow. It’s practically a gift from the football gods. He will likely check every single box come evaluation time. That said, the Heisman Trophy winner is but one player Cincinnati desperately needs. On the list of “must-haves”, the quarterback position is at the top. But it’s a lengthy list that also includes the offensive line, defensive backs, and a quality EDGE rusher. The bottom line is the needs run deep for a Bengals team wanting and needing to climb out of the cellar.

One way to get there, though not a popular idea for all the wrong reasons, is to trade the first overall pick. Burrow alone solves one issue, and that’s all.

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As much as I think Burrow might be, and I say MIGHT be, the next franchise type of quarterback, the Bengals should consider what the value of that first pick might be. For the right price, the No. #1 pick could yield the type of draft that changes the organization for not just next season, but years to come. Therefore, I believe the Cincinnati Bengals should trade that first selection to the Miami Dolphins for picks #5, #18, and #26, as well as those that would be part of the draft in 2021, and 2022.

With those draft picks locked up, here are the three players who make a regular-season record like 2-14 a long and distant memory.