Did Joe Burrow hear Carson Palmer’s thoughts on the Cincinnati Bengals?

LSU standout Joe Burrow offered some interesting comments on the kind of organization he would like to play for. Can the Cincinnati Bengals convince him what former quarterback Carson Palmer said they were not?

Maybe it was subtle, maybe not, but it’s hard to ignore the parallels between the comments made by Joe Burrow today on the Dan Patrick Show and those offered by former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer earlier this week. For fans, it could signal choppy waters ahead as the franchise looks to turn things around.

“You want to go No. 1, but you also want to go to a great organization that’s committed to winning Super Bowls,” was Burrow’s response in an interview Friday morning on the Dan Patrick Show (see full clip here). These words should land hard for fans following the comments of former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer about his experience in Cincinnati.

“I never felt like the organization was really trying to win a Super Bowl and really chasing a Super Bowl. That’s what today’s day and age is. You can’t just hope you draft well and not go after free agents and you end up in the Super Bowl. You got to go get it.”

Burrow, who is the likely first overall, the pick owned by the Bengals, might be signaling that Cincinnati has some work to do to make the LSU standout believe the organization is committed to winning. History being what it is, in addition to comments by a former Heisman winner like Palmer, could weigh heavily.

They also could be seen as contradictory to comments made by Jimmy Burrow earlier this month.

“He’ll look at it as a challenge,” Jimmy Burrow told the TSN radio affiliate in Montreal. “But he’ll be confident that eventually they can win a lot of games there in Cincinnati.”

It’s worth noting that Burrow will be training with Carson Palmer’s brother Jordan in advance of the NFL Draft, according to the NFL Network.

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The Bengals would be smart to take heed of the comments offered by Burrow. Whether fans like it or not, history is what it is. The record of the Bengals is what it is. Having an opportunity to draft a player like Joe Burrow is one thing. His comments on the Dan Patrick Show say it might not be so easy.

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