Cincinnati Bengals: Todd McShay says he’d take Tua Tagovailoa over Joe Burrow

Many have already penciled in Joe Burrow as the number one overall pick to the Cincinnati Bengals. However, a prominent ESPN draft analyst says he’d make a different choice. 

The Dan Patrick Show has been generating plenty of headlines on the Joe Burrow front as of recently. When senior ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay made an appearance on Wednesday, there was no exception to that rule.

McShay had this bold statement to make, varying from the general consensus so far,

“I would take Tua over Joe Burrow if there were no medical concerns.”

That’s an astonishing claim considering Burrow experienced a season that saw him win the Heisman, a national championship and break the record for touchdown throws in a season, among many other accomplishments.

Just a day prior, McShay made an appearance on First Take and had some comments on the situation then as well, explaining why the former Alabama signal-caller is better than the LSU product.

The draft guru then goes on to talk about the concerns over whether or not Tagovailoa will ever get back to his pre-injury level.

It’s fair to point out that before Tagovailoa went down to a season-ending hip injury in November, the debate between who was the better quarterback, he or Burrow, was just heating up. In addition, before Burrow bolted onto the scene, Tagovailoa was long considered far and away the best quarterback prospect and all but guaranteed to go number one.

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The majority of Cincinnati seems deadset on bringing Ohio native Joe Burrow home, and rightfully so. Still, the comments from McShay have to give fans pause as to whether the Bengal’s front office is following the same line of thinking and just how much Tagovailoa’s medicals will play a role in their decision come April.






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