Joe Burrow seems to be handling the idea of playing for the Bengals well

Dan Patrick tried to get Joe Burrow to sully the idea of playing for the Bengals, but the Heisman Trophy winner didn’t bite.

No fan enjoys hearing negative things about their team. However, when you consider that the Cincinnati Bengals are coming off a 2-14 season and that a large portion of the NFL’s fan base was not alive the last time the team won a playoff game, it is part of supporting the men in stripes right now.

Still, it is understandable that some Bengals fans are in an uproar over the line of questioning thrown at potential Bengals franchise savior, reigning national champion, and Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow on the Dan Patrick Show during Super Bowl week.

As seen in the video below from the show’s YouTube channel, at one point, Burrow is asked about pulling an Eli Manning and electing not to play in Cincinnati by trying to force a trade.

Again, Bengals fans being upset by this is no surprise. However, fair or not, every year, each possible top overall draft pick is asked about playing for the worst team in the NFL. It can be public, private, direct or indirect, but it isn’t a rare occurrence.

Yes, the video above is more of a public and direct occurrence than normal. Still, in their outrage at Patrick, Bengals fans are missing the most important thing to come out of the interview.

When Burrow is asked that potentially tricky question, all he says is he wants to go to a team that is “committed to winning Super Bowls”. Bengals fans cannot get mad at that. He didn’t bury the franchise or say he wouldn’t play in Cincinnati. The rest of the world cannot fuss with Burrow’s remarks either. He didn’t come off as someone who doesn’t understand the challenge that may lay ahead of him.

Part of being an NFL quarterback is saying the right thing in the media, or at least not saying the wrong thing. No one knows for certain how Burrow will play at the NFL level, but the Patrick interview proves that he can handle himself when the questions get tough.

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As far as commitment to winning Super Bowls, every NFL team is committed to winning it all, but not every team knows how to. If Burrow lands in Cincinnati, perhaps he can speed up the learning curve.



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