Cincinnati Bengals: 3 ways to change a negative franchise narrative

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Fans in the Queen City have faced an onslaught of negative press regarding the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. However, it is up to the Cincinnati Bengals to change the narrative, not hope that the media ignores it.

It’s hard to imagine an offseason like the one the Cincinnati Bengals are having. For instance, It is one thing to have the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, and another to have the national media almost offended that they have it. To add insult to injury, some former franchise alumni have taken a few shots at the organization. Fair or not, it looks like the road to Joe Burrow could be an interesting one.

Having said all of that, fans are hypersensitive to anyone outside the base raising both fair and reasonable criticism. Whether it’s taking wild offense to that which is said by the likes of Carson Palmer or Solomon Wilcots, or coalescing around a local media equally offended, a reality check is desperately needed in the Queen City.

It is, after all, perception and agree or disagree, there is more validity to it than not. However, the 2020 NFL Draft is an opportunity to change those fortunes as well as the opinion of the national and NFL media. A good and smart offseason where needs are addressed and issues from last season are taken care of is a good start. They also have the benefit of options. If they use them wisely, the narrative begins to change.

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The bottom line, it is the responsibility of the Bengals to change hearts and minds. Until they do, perception is reality, for better or for worse.

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