4 reasons the media are split on Tua, Burrow, and the Cincinnati Bengals

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Until the first pick is in when the 2020 NFL Draft begins in Las Vegas, the debate will rage. Here are four key reasons the national media is part of the divide involving the Cincinnati Bengals.

The fanbase for the Cincinnati Bengals is all set on Burrow, with even those that call themselves “media/journalist” having already ordered their Joe Burrow jerseys. So much for objectivity in the Queen City. However, once you step outside the bubble and crowd think, you find a compelling debate between Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa.

Bucky Brooks from NFL Network has Tagovailoa as his top quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft. Much to the consternation of fans, he’s not the only one. Between the Combine and pro-days, personal workouts and interviews, the conversation is sure to be at the top of the NFL off-season featuring the quarterback position.

That all said, once you get through the Burrow fandom, an argument can be made for Tua. Fans who want to see the Bengals improve beyond .500 would be smart to want the organization to give a good, long look at both quarterbacks. While neither alone makes Cincinnati a playoff team in 2020, the quarterback they select will have a profound effect for the next 5-7 seasons, and perhaps beyond.

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Burrow to Cincinnati is all the rage, but fans should hope that the Bengals are not done doing their due diligence. The first pick in the NFL Draft can change a franchise for both better and for worse. If it ends up being Burrow, that’s great. But if they miss on Tagovailoa because they didn’t do a thorough job of vetting both, then shame on them.

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