Joe Burrow can put to rest a media narrative tomorrow, but will he?

Joe Burrow. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Joe Burrow. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Joe Burrow meets the media at the NFL Combine on Tuesday, providing an opportunity to put to bed a media narrative still raging.

Joe Burrow gets to address the media, answer questions, and for Bengals fans, quell a frenzy. The bigger question is will he?

The media circus surrounding the likely first overall draft pick has been in full force of late. It’s been all Burrow all the time, with everyone outside of Cincinnati questioning whether he wants or should play there. As for those fans and media who cheer for and cover the Bengals, the question has long since been answered, possibly, depending on how you read AND listen to those answers.

But with all that said, Burrow has the opportunity to answer the question about whether he does or does not want to play for the Bengals. Fans and media alike know he’ll get the question. It’s how he answers it that will be the story on Tuesday.

Since the Super Bowl, it’s been a constant source of ire in the Queen City. It’s also been a leading story on sports talk radio, the TV variety, social media, and, perhaps most, unfortunately, a story that has dragged former players into the fray. Twitter has been especially heated with fans apoplectic about any NFL pundit who would suggest Burrow might be better off anywhere but Cincinnati.

For his part, Burrow hasn’t said he doesn’t want to play for the Bengals. But for those who read his answers as, at best, soft to non-committal, Tuesday can end any and all speculation.

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With many weeks before the 2020 NFL Draft, Tuesday can provide a definitive answer to all the naysayers. For fans and local media alike, Burrow can say whether he would, or would not, like to play for the Bengals. The fact is, the Tuesday meet and greet with the press can go a long way in answering a question the national media still has an issue with.