Bengals: The league is working on a contingency plan for the 2020 NFL Draft

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

With the sports world on a temporary hiatus, the National Football League is developing contingency plans for the 2020 NFL Draft. Bengals fans should take note of what might be affected.

The National Football League has already begun to build a contingency plan for the 2020 Draft, still scheduled to be in Las Vegas beginning on April 23. The Cincinnati Bengals, who are overwhelmingly likely to select LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, could possibly have a large fan contingency in Sin City to witness the franchise-changing event.

However, the last few days have seen a dramatic shift in the professional and collegiate sports world. With seasons being postponed, and college tournaments canceled, football fans may be wondering if the NFL is next.

According to NBC Sports Pro Football Talk, the league has discussed plans that include teams calling their picks into the league, and the league office making the announcement. According to the report, both ESPN and the NFL Network could still televise the event, though it would have a strikingly different look and feel from what fans have come to expect in recent years.

The league has staged drafts recently in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and most recently in Nashville. It’s become a springtime ritual for the NFL and it’s newest rookies to be announced not just to a nationally televised audience, but to large throngs of NFL fans. To have to break away from what has become a fan favorite weekend would be a big departure.

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Also in the report, was a reminder that should the COVID-19 pandemic subside by mid-April, the event could still happen in Las Vegas. For Bengals fans who were planning on a long weekend in the desert to greet their newest savior, the news might be tough. However, drafting Burrow is the key to the next chapter in Cincinnati. The draft in Las Vegas is just a small part of it in the grander scheme of things.