Andy Dalton versus Nick Foles: Postseason wins could mean something

The Chicago Bears appear to want to make a change at quarterback. Will it be Nick Foles Super Bowl MVP or Andy Dalton? Postseason success should mean something for any team making such a decision.

There could be a philosophical discussion in Chicago between the lesser of three evils. After media reported that the Bears could be wavering on Mitchell Trubisky, names like Cincinnati Bengals veteran Andy Dalton and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles are bubbling up in the Windy City.

Dalton vs. Foles. Playoff wins vs. 0 playoff wins. One Super Bowl MVP vs. no Super Bowl appearances. Postseason futility vs. postseason jackpot. It’s not a difficult comparison, or is it? The Bears are kicking the tires on two players who appear on opposite trajectories but seem relatively flatlined at the moment.

For weeks now, Dalton has seen a lot of publicity for the potential of being the successor to Patriots veteran Tom Brady. It’s fair to say as goes Brady, so goes Dalton. But as this week where free agency reigns as the sole newsmaker, Dalton will be the name kicked around as franchises try to figure out if Dalton is the victim of an underperforming team, or a quarterback ready to blossom.

The Foles vs. Dalton conversation is an interesting one. Foles has been miserable away from Philadelphia and away from the postseason schedule. Foles is that guy that could deliver the most incredible of NFL highs or settle into that line of predictably mediocre.

As for Dalton, the perception is that a change of zip code changes everything, hence the Patriots angle. Maybe Dalton emerges as “that guy” who gets to experience remarkable success in the twilight of a career more about promise and fandom than actual results.

That Chicago is ready to cut bait on Trubisky isn’t such a surprise. He was every bit deserving of the eye-roll he received on draft night as he was when it appeared the Bears wanted to make nice with the one time first overall selection.

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Perhaps the bigger eye-roll is the one local Chicago fans offer with a debate that features names like Dalton and Foles? Both are significant question marks. Both are all about potential, and both may ultimately be no better than what Trubisky offers now.

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