Derek Wolfe will be an interesting test case for the Bengals

Derek Wolfe will visit the Bengals during his free agency process. He will provide a test in regards to the Bengals rumored new approach to free agency.

Former Cincinnati Bearcat Derek Wolfe will visit the Bengals on his free agency tour. If Cincinnati lands Wolfe, it could show other free agents that coming to the Bengals might not be so bad. Thus, it could lead to more signings. If Wolfe lands elsewhere, it could mean another dull free agency period in Cincinnati.

If the Bengals are indeed going to be more active in free agency, Wolfe is a perfect place to start. The defensive line is one of the few positions on Cincinnati’s roster that isn’t in dire need of upgrades, but Wolfe would bring a lot to the table.

From the moment he entered the league prior to the 2012 season, Wolfe showed an ability to clog the middle for opposing offenses. However, Vic Fangio’s new defensive scheme for last year’s Broncos allowed him to rush the passer regularly for the first time. He posted a career-high seven sacks.

You can never have enough guys who make life difficult for opposing offensive lines and/or quarterbacks. Wolfe’s versatility will make him a valuable add wherever he lands.

However, he didn’t make much of a statistical splash until last year and has dealt with some injuries. Thus, Wolfe won’t be cheap, but he won’t command top free-agent money either. The idea of “coming home” clearly appeals to Wolfe. If it didn’t, he likely wouldn’t be taking a visit with Cincinnati.

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When everything is added together, it becomes clear that if the Bengals really want Wolfe, there is no reason they shouldn’t be able to land him. Most importantly, signing Wolfe would show the fan base and the rest of the league that the Bengals are truly committed to trying everything possible to upgrade their roster.

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