Cincinnati Bengals: Where does Andy Dalton play in 2020?

Now that the Chicago Bears have decided to roll with Nick Foles, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton looks to be out in the cold. With a few veteran signal-callers still available, where Dalton will land remains to be seen.

With the Chicago Bears taking a tremendous leap of faith on former Rams, Chiefs, Eagles, and Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles, veteran Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton is down to fewer options. Add the fact that Jameis Winston and now Cam Newton are also looking for 2020 employment, jobs in the National Football League are growing scarce.

Dalton, who may still wind up in New England, might be shaking his head at what happened in Chicago. The Bears, who decided on Foles, don’t really know which player shows up in the Windy City. Is it Super Bowl MVP Foles, or the other guy. For Dalton, this could end up being a waiting game he didn’t see coming.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Chargers are reported to have decided to stick with Tyrod Taylor for the foreseeable future. Now, that could be more myth than anything else, especially with the sixth pick and some likely talent to be on the board in the NFL Draft. The Chargers, who have some talent on both sides of the football could still be a good fit for Dalton.

So is Jacksonville. Granted, the Jags have stated a desire to ride or die with Gardner Minshew, but like LA, you could make a case that Dalton and likely Newton are better options.

Then, of course, there are the Patriots. With Tom Brady now destined for Tampa Bay, the long rumor that Dalton is a great fit for Bill Belichick and New England will be the definitive case study for just how much Dalton has really been in demand.

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The 2020 NFL offseason cannot be going the way Dalton thought it would. With jobs in Indianapolis, Chicago, Tampa, and possibly the Chargers and Jacksonville off the board, where Dalton winds up becomes an interesting watch.

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