5 Fun Facts about New Cincinnati Bengals DT D.J. Reader

The Cincinnati Bengal’s new defensive tackle D.J. Reader is just as exciting off the field as he is on it. 

The Cincinnati Bengals made a big splash in free agency, signing former Houston Texans star D.J. Reader. Although Reader is primarily known for terrorizing interior offensive linemen and quarterbacks alike, he has much more to him than his play on the field. Here are five fun facts Bengals fans should know about their new defensive stand out.

  • He was nominated by the Texans to be their Walter Payton Man of the Year. 

Reader was nominated for one of the leagues most sought after awards. Known for his work in the NFL’s play 60 campaign and the National Kidney Foundation, he was well deserving of the honor. In addition, he was named the Texans Spirit of the Bull award winner.

  • He was a two-sport athlete in college. 

Playing on one of the top college football programs in the nation is impressive enough on its own. However, Reader made his mark on the diamond as well, pitching and playing the in-field for Clemson’s baseball team. That’s impressive versatility and athleticism.

  • His nickname is “Barbeque”.

Reader goes by the nickname “Barbeque”. When asked where the name came from in an impromptu sideline interview conducted by J.J. Watt, Reader responded, “I be spillin’ sauce on em’ boy… dripping. So much sauce.” It makes sense to us.

  • He doesn’t believe dinosaurs exist.

Apparently, Watt is a great source of information to get an inside look at Reader’s life. He once called his teammate out for not believing in dinosaurs and stating that fossils are fake. To which Reader responded, “Science isn’t always an absolute truth. I suppose aliens exist as well?”. Hey, if Reader says dinosaurs don’t exist, we aren’t going to argue with the towering 335-pound defensive lineman.

  • His favorite foods include Steak, Chicken, and more.

When asked his favorite food, Reader rattled off, “chicken, stakes, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoes”. If you ask us, the city of Cincinnati should be waiting for their prized free-agent acquisition with a mountain of his favorite foods upon his arrival.

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