How the Cincinnati Bengals can Acquire an Extra Third-Round Pick

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Cincinnati Bengals currently only wield 7 draft picks. Here’s how they can acquire an extra third-round pick to add more high-end talent.

As things stand, the Cincinnati Bengals only have 7 draft picks at their disposal. When all is said and done, don’t expect that to be the case for the duration of the draft. The team is notorious for bringing in large draft classes and because they didn’t receive any compensatory picks this offseason, a trade back is likely in the cards.

If the front office does the expected and takes Joe Burrow with the first overall pick, it puts them in a dilemma on day two of the draft. It’d be ideal to spend their second and third-round picks to infuse some talent into their weakest positions, linebacker and offensive line.

However, with the way things are falling, it looks like wide receiver will likely be the way to go if they want to follow the best player available approach. If Duke Tobin can find a way to pick up an extra third-round selection, it would allow them to capitalize on the historic wideout class, while also giving the defense some help and Burrow some protection.

So, how exactly could the Bengals pull this off? Well, it would almost certainly take trading back at the top of round two. According to the draft pick trade value chart, the Bengal’s pick in the second round is worth 580 points. A third-round pick has values that range from 82-265. So, if the front office wanted to sneak back into the very end of day two, it would theoretically require trading back to selection 40 (80 point differential) or pick 41 (90 point differential).

Trading back from selection 33 to 50 could land the Bengals a mid-third-round pick, while a jump all the way to pick 56 or later would get them back into the top of round three.

Don’t forget that they have Andy Dalton to use on the trade market as well. The most likely suitors for the veteran signal caller’s services seem to be the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have the 42nd selection. The point difference between that pick and the one the Bengals own is 100. However, the Jaguars only own the 9th pick in the third round, worth 225 points. Whether Dalton is worth enough to the Jaguars to bridge that 125 point gap likely depends on how badly Jay Gruden is clamoring for his old quarterback in his new situation.

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Obviously, trading back from the top pick in round two means missing out on some big-name players. There’s a good chance a prospect drops to that spot and the Bengals just aren’t willing to risk losing out on. However, if the board falls a certain way, trading back could be the way to go to improve the roster the most.