Cincinnati Bengals: 3 players who could be on their way out after the draft

Cincinnati Bengals, Damion Willis (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Damion Willis (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) /
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After the Cincinnati Bengals brought in plenty of new blood via the draft and free agency, these three players could be on their way out. 

It’s no secret that the squad the Cincinnati Bengals field in 2020 will look drastically different than last year’s team. The front office has done the required work to shape the roster in the image of Zac Taylor, with the majority of Marvin Lewis’ guys no longer donning stripes.

The organization signed 8 outside free agents from the open market, 6 of which are expected to start or at least command serious playing time. In addition, the Bengals are set to welcome 7 new prospects that they recently selected in the draft.

All of this infusion of talent means fans are likely to witness some players on their way out the door that they’re used to seeing in orange and black. There are a lot of 2019 starters that have already packed their bags, such as Andy Dalton and John Miller, so a lot of the big names are safe.

However, some guys that have stuck around as depth or were expected to develop into larger roles may find themselves in a new football city when roster cuts role around.