Record prediction for a Joe Burrow-led Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals, Darius Phillips (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Darius Phillips (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals, Darius Phillips (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Week 5: Baltimore Ravens (Away)

Prediction: Loss 13-31 (2-3)

In Week 5, the Bengals face what will probably be the best team on their schedule. The Baltimore Ravens absolutely dominated in 2019, fueled by an MVP season from their electric quarterback, Lamar Jackson. Once the playoffs came around, that electricity went away and the Ravens were stunned by the Tennessee Titans.

In 2020, the Ravens could be riding a revenge tour all the way to the Super Bowl. Their fifth stop on the tour will be at home against the Bengals and their rookie quarterback, Joe Burrow. Jackson and the Raven’s elite defense will show Burrow that things won’t come to him as easy as they did in college and send Cincinnati home with their tails between their legs.

Week 6: Indianapolis Colts (Away)

Prediction: Loss 28-31 (2-4)

Coming off a demoralizing loss in Baltimore, the Bengals will have another tough task with the Indianapolis Colts and their newly acquired veteran quarterback, Phillip Rivers. This could turn out to be Burrow’s first “shootout” in the NFL, going toe-to-toe with a potential Hall of Fame quarterback. In the end the Colts narrowly pull out the win, but Burrow shows his first true signs of being great.

Week 7: Cleveland Browns (Home)

Prediction: Win 26-17 (3-4)

After two losses in a row, the Bengals’ home rematch with the Browns will possibly be their most important game of the season. If they lose, the season could be over before the halfway point, if they topple their Ohio rivals, they could have a whole new outlook for the second half of the season.

After giving up two consecutive 31 point games to the Ravens and Colts, the Cincinnati defense gets their act together and shows Baker just how much the defense improved in the offseason. Burrow and Joe Mixon should both have good days that push the Bengals to a nearly double-digit win.

Week 8: Tennessee Titans (Home)

Prediction: Loss 16-27 (3-5)

Despite gaining a big-time win against the Browns in Week 7, Cincinnati faces an even tougher task in Week 8 against the Tennessee Titans. After a hot streak that took them all the way to the AFC Championship, the Titans should be able to build off of a strong 2019 and be a contender in 2020. The Bengals will be good in 2020, but they may not yet be prepared for Mike Vrabel’s team.