Joe Burrow uncertain if fans will be in the stands to begin season

Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

In an appearance on ABC News, Joe Burrow broke down what he is doing to prepare and expressed uncertainty surrounding fan attendance.

Coming off of a national championship and thrilling Heisman Trophy season, Joe Burrow found himself at the epicenter of the football universe. Throughout the pre-draft process, it seemed that everybody was talking about the LSU product, from his teammates and coaches, to old friends back home. In the many anecdotes shared, one thing became very clear: He prepares better than anybody else.

You won’t find Burrow gloating about his arm strength or deep throw accuracy, but even he has to put his humble demeanor aside to acknowledge how well he is able to gameplan against opponents. During the scouting combine, he had this to say,

"“I prepare better than anybody else. My physical traits are limited compared to some of the guys here. Everyone can see it. I have to be smarter. I have to prepare better and I have to know what’s happening before it happens so I can play fast.”"

It’s one thing to prepare in the traditional sense, but with the circumstances surrounding this offseason, how is Burrow overcoming the obstacles?

Business as usual for Joe Burrow

While some may be anxious for the upcoming season that is sure to have some irregularities, the star signal-caller is expressing confidence. He had this to say in an interview with ABC News,

"“I feel great right now. I’m in the best shape of my life… everybody around the league is preparing like business as usual, like we’re gonna be reporting in a couple of weeks and getting ready to play.”"

It’s clear that Burrow is doing just that, as head coach Zac Taylor and offensive coordinator Brian Callahan have already given numerous positive comments on their new franchise quarterback. From his willingness to dive into the playbook, to capturing the attention of his teammates, the early results are all that the orange and black faithful could hope for.

100,000 fans or zero, it doesn’t matter for Joe Burrow

Will fans be in the stands when fall rolls around? It’s the million-dollar question surrounding the NFL, and any other sports league, for that matter. If you ask Burrow, things aren’t looking great for a packed revenue to begin his tenure in Paul Brown Stadium, (via ABC News)

"“I can’t imagine there will be fans in the stands at the beginning. Maybe a few, but… I’m preparing like I’m gonna be the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals with 100,000 fans in the stands and I’m gonna be ready to go.”"

Many organizations have already announced that they will be limiting the capacity of their stadiums in hopes that some fans will be able to attend. However, the potential for that outcome appears to grow more uncertain as each day passes.

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No matter what the stands look like, Bengals fans can rest assured that Burrow is doing everything in his power to be ready for his rookie campaign. After all, he is one of the best there is when it comes to preparation.