Greatest Chad Johnson moments on Ochocinco Day (8/5)

Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Ochocinco (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Ochocinco (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Today is the perfect time to remember Bengals legend Chad Johnson, one of the most enjoyable players to watch during his career.

Chad Johnson was a polarizing player during his time with Cincinnati. He was beloved by many fans (both of the Bengals and throughout the NFL) but was public enemy number one of the NFL due to his celebrations.

He played during a time when the NFL was trying to put a stop on celebrations to make football serious, but even with restrictions or fines placed on player celebrations, Ochocinco kept football fun. Football fans looked forward to what he would do every time he caught a touchdown pass.

Chad Johnson came to the Bengals and quickly helped to change the franchise around. He became one of the greatest wide receivers in the game while he played and was a constant presence. The duo of Carson Palmer and Johnson ushered in an era of competitive Bengals football, as opposed to the previous decade that consistently saw Cincinnati at the bottom.

With today being 8/5, what better opportunity to celebrate Ochocinco than to relive some of his greatest moments on the football field. From legendary celebrations to iconic performances, Chad Johnson did it all.