No, the Bengals should not consider Antonio Brown

Cincinnati Bengals, Antonio Brown (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Antonio Brown (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Earlier this week, the Cincinnati Bengals were named amongst betting favorites to sign embattled wide receiver Antonio Brown.

The Cincinnati Bengals finding themselves in a group of betting favorites to sign Antonio Brown ultimately means nothing. However, some fans will surely consider the idea. It is a bad one for two reasons.

Wide receiver isn’t a big need for the Bengals

Brown is a seven-time Pro Bowler and member of the NFL’s most recent all-decade team. Despite earning a suspension for the first eight games of the upcoming season and his additional baggage, a team that needs receiver help will take a chance on him at some point. However, Tyler Boyd, John Ross, A.J. Green, Auden Tate, and Tee Higgins make up a pretty stout receiver room in Cincinnati.

Rookies like Higgins are always an unknown as far as immediate impact. Also, there is concern about Green and Ross staying healthy.  Even so, there is plenty of potential for this to be a position of strength for Cincinnati. They don’t really need a wide receiver, and they certainly don’t need one that commands as much attention as Brown.

The Bengals are building a culture, Brown would put it at risk.

Zac Taylor has done one thing right as Bengals head coach thus far, and that’s to convince those within the organization to believe in what he’s building. His team played hard for him and stayed focused all last year, despite racking up 14 losses.

Helmet issues, trade demands, bizarre social media posts, and legal issues have led to Brown wearing out his welcome in Pittsburgh, New England, and with the Raiders.

The Patriots and Steelers are two of the most stable and well-run organizations in all of sports. If those franchises couldn’t keep Brown on the straight and narrow, it is hard to imagine the Bengals doing so. Cincinnati is attempting to build a winning culture. The Steelers and Patriots already have it.

Winning cultures should be easy for players to buy in to. Brown couldn’t even get and stay with the program in places where that should have been simple to do.

Bringing in Brown and getting him to buy in when he will only be eligible for half of the upcoming regular season is a headache the Bengals simply don’t need. It would contradict what Taylor is trying to create.

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