Bengals: Power ranking the best running backs in the AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Mixon (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Mixon (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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As the Bengals’ 2020 season continues to draw closer, take a look at which teams in the AFC North have the advantage at the running back position.

The AFC North, home of the Cincinnati Bengals, is traditionally a powerhouse, physical, smash-mouth, type of division. That fact, in addition to a geographic region where winter makes it difficult to grip a football, means the running game is a crucial element for divisional games.

While there are several things that go into a good rushing attack, (coaching/playcalling, offensive line ability, emphasis on rushing vs. passing) one of the key elements of having a successful running game is the talent level of the man actually holding the football.

The AFC North has no shortage of talent in that regard. The key players at the position in the division are Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns), James Conner (Pittsburgh Steelers), Mark Ingram (Baltimore Ravens), and Joe Mixon (Cincinnati Bengals). This group combined for over 4,000 rushing yards in 2019 and each member has high hopes for the 2020 season.

Every team within the division relies heavily on their running back putting up positive yards and being able to participate in the passing attack. So, which team in the AFC North has an advantage in the running back department? Here are the power rankings of the best running backs in the division.