Bengals: Andrew Whitworth shares a hilarious Chad Johnson story

Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Johnson (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Chad Johnson (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images) /

In an appearance on The Lefkoe Show, Andrew Whitworth shared a hilarious story of fellow Bengals legend, Chad Johnson.

No matter how many days pass since Chad Johnson called it a career, there seems to be a never-ending stream of headlines revolving around the legendary Cincinnati Bengal. Whether it be the resurfacing of an iconic celebration, the memory of unforgettable mic’d up moments, or some other instance, Ochocinco continues to capture the hearts of the orange and black faithful.

Fellow Bengals legend and current Los Angeles Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth recently shared a story on The Lefkoe Show that will have fans missing Johnson’s approach to the game even more than they already do. This particular anecdote comes from Whitworth’s rookie year,

"“I’ll never forget this… the guy [Ochocinco] literally started crying after practice one day because they didn’t throw him enough passes and he’s begging Marvin [Lewis], ‘Coach Lewis can we please just… can we extend practice 30 more minutes?’… He’s literally that upset that he didn’t get the football that day”"

If this were any other player, this story would come as a shock, but this is right on brand for Chad Johnson. There are several instances where this kind of passion pops up throughout his career and it’s evident his joy for the game was one of the most intense the league has ever seen.

Chad Johnson is still closely connected with the Bengals

Luckily for football fans that didn’t get enough of Ochocinco throughout the course of his 11-year professional career, he’s still heavily connected with the Cincinnati Bengals, serving as a sort of ambassador for the club.

Just this past offseason, Johnson was apart of pre-draft festivities, made an appearance on ESPN to defend his beloved franchise, and even attempted to set up workouts with Joe Burrow and the current wide receiver corps via Twitter.

If that weren’t enough, he delivered wide receiver Tee Higgins’ rookie rating as an official Madden Ratings Adjustor.

If history is any indication, Johnson will closely follow Cincinnati this season as they enter a new era and attempt to bust out of the AFC North cellar. If circumstances allow for it, he may even grace the halls of Paul Brown Stadium later this year.

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