Bengals: It’s time to put the coaching staff on the hot seat

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

After a 2-14 record a year ago, and an 0-2-1 start in 2020, it’s time for the Bengals’ coaching staff to be put on the hot seat.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor is only 3 games into his second year. His predecessor, Marvin Lewis was in the Queen City for a 16-year tenure, depicting Mike Brown’s position of giving coaching staff time to progress. Lewis had his share of regular-season success, but the fan base was calling for his job for years before he left his position. Now, there is plenty of reason for the patience to begin to wear thin for Taylor and his staff.

Bengals’ recent record in one-score games.

Despite his 2-16-1 record, Taylor’s Bengals have not been subject to regular blowouts. You may see this as a compliment to the team but the second-year coach’s 0-12-1 record in one-score games depicts a reluctance to go and win games and is reflective of his conservative coaching style. This week’s game with the Eagles was just more evidence of Taylor’s inability to step on the throat of teams when ahead.

A reluctance to move on from mediocrity

Nearly every Bengals fan is sick of the mediocrity of league-wide laughing stock Bobby Hart. However, the sheer ignorance to pay the right tackle as an adequate starter when his play had shown the complete opposite was ridiculous.

Many thoroughly appreciated the Bengals’ presence in free agency last offseason, however, the willingness to enter the season with an O-Line featuring a single proven starter was foolhardy.

Despite the overall lack of decent linemen across the league, the Bengals have not done enough to address this weakness. Taylor mentioned that they are working on the deficiency at right guard but nothing that this staff has shown should inspire confidence that change is coming any time soon. By the way, Billy Price has had enough chances.

Obvious play-calling

There are multiple aspects of the staff’s play-calling that have been frustrating. However, the obviousness of it is embarrassing. Personnel on the field makes a pass or run play obvious to the casual fan, let alone an NFL defensive coordinator.

Examples include: If Giovanni Bernard is on the field, most Bengals fans know that a pass play is more than likely to be called and last year when Tyler Eifert was on the field, the Bengals passed 80% of the time. Jet motion is all well and good, but in order to replicate McVay’s success, more is needed than replicating play design.

Joe Burrow’s future with the Bengals

All of Bengaldom knows that the future of the franchise has the potential to be bright via the arm of number nine. However, if the Bengals allow for Joe Burrow to be hit continuously throughout the season, they run the risk of an Andrew Luck-esque career occurring.

Burrow is the most hit quarterback in the NFL through 3 weeks and the hit from Malik Jackson this week showed the true danger that Burrow is under on a snap by snap basis. He clearly hates losing, and the ineptitude of his protection in addition to unimaginative play calling is only going to slow his progression both mentally and physically.

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